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Why you should hire a UX content agency [Content Oyster]

Why you should hire a UX content agency for your next project

The digital world is constantly and rapidly changing, but one thing remains true: user experience is at the forefront of success for today’s leading companies. AirbnbApple, and Slack are just a few that come to mind. They’ve proven that if you prioritize delivering exceptional user experiences, you have a competitive edge.

While UX design plays a significant role, there’s no design without content. UX content is equally crucial in shaping how users interact with a product or service.

Understanding UX content

UX content, or user experience content, is all the written elements within a digital interface, including websites, mobile apps, tablets, wearable tech, etc., that guide users, provide information, and improve their overall experience. This includes microcopy, error messages, navigation labels, tooltips, and more.

As UX writers and content designers, we aim to make the user journey seamless, intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable. We deliver the right message at the right time to make sure users can easily navigate, understand, and use your product or service.

Your company’s UX content strategy shouldn’t be an afterthought—or worse, handed off to a super-busy “I wear multiple hats” designer or developer. They’re swamped and not specialists in this arena, and all it takes is one wrong move for your customer experience team to be flooded with customer complaints about why their last name isn’t being accepted in a form (we’ve seen this happen before).

Hiring a UX content agency will come at different stages for every company, but it’s a choice you shouldn’t take lightly. Give your users the ultimate experience by prioritizing them from day 1 and making sure your UX content is in the hands of professionals, like us. When you hire a UX content agency, your users will always get the attention they deserve.

5 reasons why you should hire a UX content agency

1. You get access to expert knowledge and specialized skills

When you rely on your marketing copywriter, product designer, or software developer for your UX content, your knowledge base is limited to only the strategies they’re able to focus on, along with their other day-to-day responsibilities. This is no fault of their own; they’re simply 1 person doing a job that likely wasn’t in their job description.

With a full-service agency, you get immediate access to experts and specialists whose best skills are enhancing and designing user experiences with user-centered microcopy. You’ll partner with trained UX writers and content designers who understand user behavior, psychology, and design principles. This approach ensures that every word in your product is carefully chosen to guide and engage users effectively.

2. You save time

When you’re working in a fast-paced industry like tech, time is your number 1 resource. It takes a lot of time to find quality, experienced UX writers and content designers, especially in today’s market, and that’s not including the 3-6 months it’ll take for them to fully onboard and mesh with your team. And if you’re letting your marketing, design, or engineering team handle your microcopy, there’s a good chance it’s getting very little thought.

DIY mentality and AI might make sense when you’re getting your company off the ground, but as it grows, it’s wise to delegate UX content to people trained at doing it. The good thing about hiring a UX content agency is that, in most cases, they can jump in and start in a matter of days. When an agency prioritizes UX content from conception to delivery, your product’s UX elevates overall.

3. You save money while growing your business or company efficiently

Time is money, and that’s especially true in the tech industry. Hiring and training quality UX writers and content designers is time-consuming, and it can also be incredibly costly. There’s recruiter outreach, benefits, taxes, education, training, and more to keep in mind when you want to bring UX content people onto your team full time.

When you partner with a UX content agency, you get to tap into the expertise of their UX writers and content designers without the overhead and expectations that come with recruitment, benefits, and training them yourself. All you pay for is UX content as needed when needed, which can lead to significant cost savings in the long run.

4. You get a growth partner

One good thing about working with a UX content agency is that they’re experienced and have worked in different kinds of industries. They have a deep understanding of the digital landscape and can meet your company wherever it is, whether that’s a small website for a budding agency, a fintech application in its growing stages as a 50-person team, or a 500+ person strong tech organization reaching new heights. Your UX content agency can adapt to your requirements and ensure consistent, high-quality content.

5. You get a fresh perspective on your UX content strategy from professionals

When you hire a UX content agency, you’re hiring an outsider, and that’s very much a good thing. It’s hard to get new ideas or see other possibilities when you’re working so closely with your product—even harder if content isn’t your primary responsibility. That’s where an agency comes in.

Agencies can give your team a fresh perspective on your UX content. They’ll help you identify areas of improvement and brainstorm and generate new, innovative ideas. And, as outsiders, a good agency will act as your sounding board and tell you what is—and isn’t—working for your team or company and help you alleviate concerns before they happen.

What to consider when you’re ready to hire a UX content agency

To enjoy the benefits of working with a UX content agency, it’s important that you choose the right one. Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re looking for an agency to work with:

    1. Your budget. Quality, user-focused content costs money if you want it done right. The price shouldn’t discourage you, though—this investment is as significant as the investment you already make for your designers and developers. Some agencies are transparent and have some pricing included on their website. If they don’t, get on a call and talk to them about it, and make sure their numbers align with what you’re trying to do.

    2. Client satisfaction and testimonials. A good way to know if an agency is one you want to work with is by learning about them from other people and companies they’ve worked with. Hopefully, this is included on their website or portfolio, and it’s easy to find. If you don’t see a positive trail or can’t find any prior clients, you might want to consider other options.

    3. Knowledge and expertise. When you’re looking for a UX content partner, make sure the agency specializes in the type of work you want done. If you’re looking for help with error messages, user flows, and your content design system, you won’t find this from agencies highlighting SEO, content marketing, and social media on their website. Make sure they have UX writing and content design as their top skills before you move forward.

    4. Portfolio. You’d be surprised, but some agencies and service providers don’t have portfolios on their websites, making it hard for you to know the type of work they have done or can do. A good agency worth considering will have several samples on their website for you to look at—if not, ask them about it. They may have something offline due to NDAs from previous clients and places of work. Whatever you do, make sure you see some samples.

How to know it’s time to hire a UX content agency

Have you considered hiring a UX content agency? Here are some telltale signs that it’s time to make that happen:

1. You’re currently using AI to write your microcopy

We don’t knock anyone for using AI. It’s actually a great way to get a project up and running quickly. With that said, we do not recommend relying on AI as a UX content partner. Our biggest—and most obvious—red flag with AI as a long-term strategy is that you’re relying on a bot to create human-centered language… for humans.

AI can automate some aspects of microcopy generation, but it lacks the depth of understanding and creativity that human UX writers can provide. Hiring a UX agency can bring a human touch to your product’s microcopy and overall experience because we specialize in understanding human behavior and are experienced in their preferences, thanks to user research. This is how we tailor UX content to your customers’ needs and expectations.

2. You have a copywriter doing both marketing and product/UX copy

There are people out there capable of wearing multiple hats in tech, but it’s not something we recommend for a long-term strategy. You’d think our number 1 reason would be that your content isn’t getting the attention it deserves. While that’s true, the biggest issue is burnout for your copywriter and them leaving you for greener—and less stressful—pastures. And now you have another role that needs to be filled. It’s a tale as old as digital time.

Hiring a UX content agency lets your current team members, especially your copywriter(s), focus on the specialized skill they were hired for. While we’re sure they can straddle both, let them shine doing what they do best. And we’ll help you shine doing what we do best.

3. You have UX designers and product designers but no UX writers or content designers

Product designers and software developers are going through it just like copywriters and marketers. Words might seem easy because most of us can write or speak, but a string of text is as important as a string of code or a low-fidelity wireframe in Miro and should be getting the same consideration. When your product team has designers and developers and no content people working with them, your UX content is effectively an afterthought.

Partnering with a UX content agency in this scenario can include performing a UX audit to seek opportunities to boost your content and overall experience, training current team members, and establishing a content practice and design system for your team to follow.

4. You don’t have the budget for full-time UX writers

Even if you don’t have the budget to bring UX writers and content designers onto your team full time, we still think you should make that investment and start getting support now. A UX content agency will save you time and money by giving you immediate access to expert UX writers at a capacity—and price—that works for your company as it is right now. When the time comes for you to start working with UX content humans full time, we can help you get that done, too.

Hire an agency and give your UX content a boost

UX content plays a pivotal role in shaping user experiences, and hiring an agency can help improve the quality of your app, product, or website.

When you partner with an agency like Content Oyster, you get exceptional content experiences that delight your users and drive business success. It’s a strategic investment for any company wanting to stay competitive in today’s digital landscape.

Looking to hire a UX content agency? Let’s chat! Contact us at or book a call for more information.

Content Oyster is a UX writing and content design agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Content Oyster is a UX writing and content design agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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